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Beats & Melodies. Downtempo, Desert House , Organic House , Progressive , Melodic House & Techno. As a DJ, PAZ has built his reputation on unique and striking progressive techno tracks. First taking to the stage in the late 2000s, PAZ has become known throughout the progressive techno community for striking sounds and a style that is uniquely all his own. He has cultivated a strong sense of what electronic music can do, pushing its boundaries further and further. Through his sets, he exhibits all the endless possibilities of the genre, proving again and again that there is infinite unexplored territory within the musical realm. His creativity always on display, he continues to pour his heart and soul into his sets, producing tracks that are distinctly "PAZ," undeniable products of his minds through and through. Early in his career, PAZ resolved to stay on a path of constant growth and evolution, refusing to become beholden to all the common trends and habits. He was going to be his own artist and create his own sound – and his audiences, all these years later, are very glad for it.

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